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Home Inspections

Bass Home Inspections consist of over 500 items around the house including:

Roofing • Flashing • Chimneys
Exteriors • Windows • Doors
Structural • Foundation
Electrical • Plumbing
Heating • Air Conditioning
Attics • Crawl Spaces
Interiors • Appliances • Smoke Detectors
Room by room inspections and more...

 The average home inspection usually takes 2-4 hours depending on the house size, age, foundation type, etc. I usually have the report back the same day or the following morning.  Pictures are included in the inspection reports along with the model/serial numbers and date of manufacture of HVAC systems and water heaters.  Copies of the inspection report are not given to anyone without the consent of the client.


When you schedule a home inspection with us, you can feel confident and secure knowing that you have a licensed professional on your side who will give you an honest and independent evaluation of your new home. Bass Home Inspections is dedicated to serving our customer's needs, and our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. We strive to bring you the best in quality service.

Radon Testing

Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States - nearly 20,000 people die every year.  The EPA recommends that all homes be tested for radon, but yet less than one in five homes are ever tested. Radon is an unseen killer- it is odorless and colorless. I charge $100 for radon testing for homes that are inspected and $125 for homes that are not inspected.  The results are emailed back in two days.  (More information is available on our "Radon" page.)

Water Testing

We test water samples - usually well water - for $75.00.  The water is tested for bacterial and fecal contamination. You have the results within 72 hours.


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